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The List of Rajasthan Tour Packages India

<p>Spread across the golden desert is the land of warriors and kings, Rajasthan. Immersed in colour, tradition and cultural diversity, a <strong>Rajasthan tour</strong> offers a once in a lifetime experience for every traveller. The natural beauty of the state, the charisma of its history and the unique geographical blend make for a lifetime worth of stories.</p>

<p>Rajasthan is known for the many stupendous forts and palaces, built in different eras throughout the history. From the Amber Fort in Jaipur, to the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, from the Junagarh Fort in Bikaner to the City Palace in Udaipur, these monuments are just some of the options that a <strong>Rajasthan tour operator</strong> can offer, each one of these majestic monuments has a fascinating story to tell. A <strong>Rajasthan tour package</strong> in <strong>India</strong> also offers a chance to explore the stupendous geographical diversity. Right from the splendid Thar Desert to the breathtaking lakes in the city of Udaipur, from the Aravali Hill Range to the Hathiagor Buddhist Caves, you get to experience just about every terrain when travelling across this state. Even after a majority of land being covered by desert, this state has a rich variety of flora and fauna. The Keoledeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park, Sariska National Park and the Desert National Park are few of the areas where visitors can see a wide range of birds, both native and migrated, and wild animals including lions and tigers. Religious sites like Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu, Nathdwara Temples in Udaipur and Kalika Mata Temple in Chittorgarh among others provide a glimpse into the religious practices in the state. So come experience the rich history and beautiful culture of the state with a tour arranged by a <strong>Rajasthan tour and <a href="http://selectindiaholidays.com">travel company in India</a></strong><a href="http://selectindiaholidays.com">.</a></p>